Review: Arctic Adventure Snorkeling

Hello Friends!

Now that we are approaching the year mark of going to Iceland, I think it is probably about time to share my review of Arctic Adventures snorkeling.

The beginning:

Kaelyn and I went to Iceland in January of 2017. As you can imagine this was a very cold and dark time to go. The sun did not rise until about 10:00AM. So that’s about what time we went to go snorkeling between the tectonic plates. Contrary to popular belief, you do not snorkel directly between the plates, but it is within them inside the national park. It was already cold outside so we were pretty nervous to get in the water, and we chatted with our fellow snorkelers as we took the bus to the site from our hostel.

What to bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Dress in layers
  • Your ticket/ID
  • More layers
  • Don’t wear cotton

When to Go

  • Summer: Most people would argue that summer is the best time to go because its light out and its warmer. But we went in the winter, and had a great experience.
  • Winter: Like I said, this is when we went and we had a blast. We are from Wisconsin, so we can handle the cold. With that in mind, the water was warmer than the air, and you get to wear dry suits, so your whole body stays dry. The only things with the possibility of getting cold are your face (where the goggles don’t cover) and your hands if your gloves don’t work too well, which was a common issue although not one I experienced.

My Snorkeling

I had the time of my life. The picture above is where we snorkeled and you end your time in a little lagoon. One thing to keep in mind is that this is very different than tropical snorkeling. It is like a pure pristine underwater land. You feel like you are the first living creature to set foot there, and you do not want to mess with the magic.