The Magic of Dr. Bronner’s

After nearly a year of using Dr. Bronner’s (peppermint scent, yum!), I finally got my family hooked on it too. My mother and younger brother jumped on the bandwagon after trying mine for a while and noticing how gentle it was on their skin. Their sensitive skins chaps nearly every year in the cold, dry Wisconsin winters, and that was the first year it didn’t that they could remember. I soon started trying it in different scents and different uses. 

1. Face wash- I put a few drops on a warm washcloth and gently rub!

2. Shampoo- Be Extremely cautious and use conditioner. My experiences have been mixed, and I know this will dry out most people’s hair. However, in a pinch or when traveling, I’ve been able to use it with ease as it lathers well and smells fantastic!

3. Shaving Cream- A few drops on each leg should do the trick; just slather it around!

4. After shave- Again, a few drops on each leg has worked well for me. It doesn’t burn like most after cutting myself. Avoid peppermint for this, though.

5. Body wash- I think that speaks for itself, but be sure to dilute it.

6. Dishwashing soap-I’ve only used this to hand wash dishes and to soak my Diva Cup, but it has worked wonderfully every time.


In addition to having so many uses, great packaging, no harmful chemicals (and scents, I’m addicted to the rose right now), they are also philanthropists in support of fair trade, organic products, animal rights, and more! Their website is very helpful and full of ideas and different products that are harder to find elsewhere. Just remember, their soap is HIGHLY concentrated so don’t forget to dilute it! Remember, what works for me, may not always work for you, don’t be afraid to experiment with it!

What ways have you used Dr. Bronner’s products?


Lush: One Stop Shop for Host Gifts

The beginning of summer, for us, means the beginning of new adventures. New opportunities for new finding fun and excitement. Meredith and I kicked off this summer with a trip to the Mall of America. Debit cards in hand, we trekked across the border to shop for clothes without sales tax (thanks, Minnesota!) and at my favorite store, Lush. The shopping trip benefitted not only our wardrobes, but also my travel life.

The real goal of today’s mission was to find a host gift for my host mom during my time in Montreal. We popped into Lush because busy moms deserve a lot of rest and relaxation, and let’s be real: what better way is there to relax and smell AH-mazing than to settle into a tub with some Lush products? After a great chat with one of the men, he enthusiastically told Meredith and I that he just got back from Montreal, and after a quick lap around the room, came back with the Bee Happy gift set. The set contains “It’s Raining Men Shower Gel,” “Honey Bee Bath Bomb,” and “Helping Hand Hand Cream.” These crowd favorites are mild enough for most people’s taste, which makes them perfect gifts! Even though they are rather mild, each one has an incredible smell that you’ll want your entire life to smell like.

You can read my reviews of some of my favorite Lush products here!

Lush’s Jungle Solid Conditioner to Tame Jungle Manes

In light of my upcoming trip to Montreal, I decided I needed new conditioner. Probably a little strange, I know, but bear with me. So what is a girl, in the spirit of light packing and TSA regulations, to do? Head to the nearest Lush store, of course! If you’re not familiar with Lush, it is an all natural cosmetics store known for their handmade soaps, minimal packaging, and overwhelmingly sweet and delicious smell at malls. Fortunately, my local Lush store isn’t too far away from me: just a hop across the Wisconsin/Minnesota border and off to the Mall of America we go.

My newest Lush conditioner favorite is called Jungle. I gave it a chance when I was home for spring break in March with no suitable toiletries. Normally, I’m a huge fan of Yes To brand products, but I was at Lush and needed something right away! I love everything about Lush and customer service lives up to that love completely. A wonderful woman asked me about my thick, long, and tangled hair type and after a lovely chat, she pointed me in the direction of a pile of adorable green pucks with animals printed in it.

The woman informed me that I should use it by running it over my hands to create a layer of the conditioner and then rub that through my hair. I tried this, and it did not work at all. Not ready to give up, I stroked the bar lightly through my hair as I do with the solid shampoo bar and had great success! After my hair dried, it was the softest it had been in a very long time. Not to mention, I got lots of compliments about how fresh, clean, and yummy my hair smelt. I’m a sucker for compliments so that’s enough for me!

My hair is normally snarly and full of knots. I wish I was joking. Thankfully my Jungle conditioner keeps my hair silky-smooth and knot-free. My last bar lasted me for about six weeks, which will be the perfect amount for my trip! I will always support solid toiletries for travel as they are much simpler to travel with. No worries about plastic bags, TSA guidelines, leaks, and more space in your bag for souvenirs!

What are your preferred cosmetic brands? Share in the comments below!