A Snapshot of Nashville

 Hello friends! After spending a day in Nashville, I’m going to give you a brief run-down of how we spent our few hours in Nashville.

  1. We drove into Nashville on a lovely Friday morning, and immediately we decided we needed to eat. We ate at “The Stiller,” and let me tell you I would eat there every day. We all had classic Southern food including fried chicken, mac & cheese, and sweet tea. The presentation was complete with mason jar and skillets.
  2. We were just a short walk from the Honky Tonk highway. This ultra touristy strip celebrated the country music presence of Nashville, and we had a blast strolling down the bustling street.
  3. After our walk, we took a short drive to the Parthenon. The outside is stunning, but the small fee of $5 was well worth it to read about the history of the building and its erection for the fair. Within the museum also stood other replicas from Greece and an art exhibit.
  4. Our final stop was to 12 Ave neighborhood. Honestly I can say this was my favorite part of my time in Nashville. Walking around the area full of eclectic shops with beautiful marketing. My personal favorites were a popsicle shop called Las Paletas and Amelia’s Flower Truck. It made for a very relaxing afternoon walk before an evening in our AirBNB.


And of course, what’s trip down South without a stop at Waffle House?


So what do you think?

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