Nous Restons Uni: Pray for Paris

I stand with Paris, deeply saddened, heart aching, and tears dripping. I eagerly await the news to hear that all my friends currently in Paris are safe. The world stands in solidarity with you, Paris.

All this being said, my heart goes out to the daily tragedies that go unannounced or under-attended to. Terrorist attacks on third world countries, genocide, and human trafficking, innumerable racial injustices, to name a few. DAILY terror and violation of human rights that we are so often guilty of sweeping under the rug because our media deems this less important. I would like to stress the importance and urgency of sharing this pain and loss for Paris with the rest of the world as well.

In addition, please remember that, undoubtedly, the power of prayer is enormous, but you also have the option of helping with your dollars and time. I beg you to seek out ways to help our world, our people, in whatever way you are able.

 Nous Restons Uni. 

We stay united.

Love and hope,



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