Lush: One Stop Shop for Host Gifts

The beginning of summer, for us, means the beginning of new adventures. New opportunities for new finding fun and excitement. Meredith and I kicked off this summer with a trip to the Mall of America. Debit cards in hand, we trekked across the border to shop for clothes without sales tax (thanks, Minnesota!) and at my favorite store, Lush. The shopping trip benefitted not only our wardrobes, but also my travel life.

The real goal of today’s mission was to find a host gift for my host mom during my time in Montreal. We popped into Lush because busy moms deserve a lot of rest and relaxation, and let’s be real: what better way is there to relax and smell AH-mazing than to settle into a tub with some Lush products? After a great chat with one of the men, he enthusiastically told Meredith and I that he just got back from Montreal, and after a quick lap around the room, came back with the Bee Happy gift set. The set contains “It’s Raining Men Shower Gel,” “Honey Bee Bath Bomb,” and “Helping Hand Hand Cream.” These crowd favorites are mild enough for most people’s taste, which makes them perfect gifts! Even though they are rather mild, each one has an incredible smell that you’ll want your entire life to smell like.

You can read my reviews of some of my favorite Lush products here!


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