Why You Should go to Piedmont Park

Because I can’t shut up about Atlanta, let me tell you this. So in the list of places to go in Atlanta that my Francophile friend sent me, one of them was Piedmont park. Now we were expecting a dinky little “oh cool it’s a park,” but boy were we wrong, first of all, it was HUGE. You could’ve walked around this park with your dogs all day and not gotten bored.

We wandered around and enjoyed the landscape and incredible views of the city towards the river that ran along the park. Because we typically live in the middle of nowhere in what usually seems to be an arctic tundra, the beautiful, warm spring sunshine probably allowed us to enjoy the day even more and it gave us perfect selfie lighting (God bless). 69 degrees outside and we couldn’t be happier. We spent lots of time soaking up the sun and watching the ducks in the river.

There were many large open spaces, swing sets for children, paths for running, and a rec-center (hello, tennis!). We made friends with the nice men inside working, and went about our walk through the park. There are also so many paths throughout the  park itself. We relaxed in the spring sunshine on thishill which  later included a nice roll down the hill. To be honest, the next time I go to Atlanta? This will be one of the first things I do.