What’s in Your Waffles?

Yesterday, my best friend walked into my house and sat down at the table with the rest of my family. After a while of catching up with everyone, I asked her what we were doing today, to which she replied, “We’re getting waffles!” Alright so we got waffles. She’s been talking about this place I’ve never heard of for the last month, and with that, we headed towards Minneapolis, Minnesota, right past the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota. As it turns out, the place I’d never heard of is called Black Coffee and Waffle Bar (go search for them on Instagram, you will not be disappointed) and their waffles are undoubtedly works of waffle art.

All waffle batter and ingredients are made fresh, onsite, and with homemade recipes. I was told by the man working that the “Naughty Waffle” was the most popular, and I can understand why! I am a huge almond lover and the homeade almond butter added the perfect flavor to the rest of the fruits that topped the waffle. The other waffle we tried, the “Fat Andrew,” was equally delicious, and in my humble opinion, bananas and peanut butter will always be a perfect pair.

The cafe had great vibes and if I lived closer I would be happy to sit there for hours working on this blog (and my ever-growing pile of homework)! Since we had already made the trek, we had deep conversations about life in between mouthfuls of the incredible waffles. After our waffles, we stayed for a few more hours, lost in conversation, sipping their equally lovely coffee.

Where is your favorite place to eat in the Twin Cities?