Visas and Lions and Cubs, Oh My!

After months of paperwork, I have finally been approved to study abroad in Caen, France. *Cue happy dance!* After years of studying French and months of paper work, with more paper work in the works, I am so ready to start my new journey in Caen.

Since last spring, I have been compiling the appropriate documents to be able to study abroad. Thankfully, a few weeks ago, I was officially accepted into the University of Caen. This meant that the next step was getting my visa! Thanks to the timing and location, it was quite a hassle getting to do this. I made an appointment with the French consulate in Chicago, and my best friend called my mom to go with me. (My best friend and my mom are both angels sent specifically for me, I am sure of this.)

A week later, my mom, my brother, and I were on our way to Chicago. We stayed with our wonderful family there and the next morning we went into the city.

As per our heritage, we got psyched over the historic Cubs win. Unfortunately we couldn’t go to Wrigley Field, but that didn’t stop us from buying some memorabilia and visiting the beloved lions adorned in their Cubs helmets. Oh, and a Starbucks run on Michigan Ave, of course.

After drinking our frappucinos by the bean, er, I mean Cloud Gate, it was time for my appointment. Honestly, I was terrified that I did everything wrong, and the woman at the front desk was so kind. I was directed to the correct floor and waited there for a bit before my appointment began. With only a few hitches, where I had to run downstairs and get money from the first national bank of mom, I got my picture taken and my fingerprints scanned and was on my way to getting my visa.

I walked out and my mother asked if I was ready for pizza (she’s an angel, like I said) and that she had already ordered Giordano’s for us. We took a walk as we waited for our delicious deep dish pizza to be ready for us. Then arrived to a spinach and mushroom pizza the cheese melting all over the plate.

We hopped on our train and made our way back home. First step of my French adventures complete!

xoxo Leah