The Magic of Dr. Bronner’s

After nearly a year of using Dr. Bronner’s (peppermint scent, yum!), I finally got my family hooked on it too. My mother and younger brother jumped on the bandwagon after trying mine for a while and noticing how gentle it was on their skin. Their sensitive skins chaps nearly every year in the cold, dry Wisconsin winters, and that was the first year it didn’t that they could remember. I soon started trying it in different scents and different uses. 

1. Face wash- I put a few drops on a warm washcloth and gently rub!

2. Shampoo- Be Extremely cautious and use conditioner. My experiences have been mixed, and I know this will dry out most people’s hair. However, in a pinch or when traveling, I’ve been able to use it with ease as it lathers well and smells fantastic!

3. Shaving Cream- A few drops on each leg should do the trick; just slather it around!

4. After shave- Again, a few drops on each leg has worked well for me. It doesn’t burn like most after cutting myself. Avoid peppermint for this, though.

5. Body wash- I think that speaks for itself, but be sure to dilute it.

6. Dishwashing soap-I’ve only used this to hand wash dishes and to soak my Diva Cup, but it has worked wonderfully every time.


In addition to having so many uses, great packaging, no harmful chemicals (and scents, I’m addicted to the rose right now), they are also philanthropists in support of fair trade, organic products, animal rights, and more! Their website is very helpful and full of ideas and different products that are harder to find elsewhere. Just remember, their soap is HIGHLY concentrated so don’t forget to dilute it! Remember, what works for me, may not always work for you, don’t be afraid to experiment with it!

What ways have you used Dr. Bronner’s products?