Superheroes and Galactic Pizza

If you know me even a little bit, you know that I love eating. What I really love though, is pizza. I am absolutely convinced that pizza is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. Seriously, I feel like I order pizza every day in college. (Mom, if you’re reading this…sorry.)


So of course when my friend Zizo and I went to Minneapolis, what else would we eat other than pizza? We searched the internet for way too long looking for places to eat, and, of course settled on pizza. After another eternity of checking out our pizza options, we finally decided that Galactic Pizza would be the most promising of them all, so we hit the road.

My galactic pizza complete with vegan bison.

We knew we were where we were supposed to be when we ended up with the most chill waiter on the planet. The unique atmosphere was simultaneously relaxing and thrilling. Lining the walls were portraits of superheroes and superhero costumes alike. We even saw a deliver person dressed in costume!

Even superheroes need to eat!

The food itself was amazing. The menu comes with 3D glasses if you’re feeling a little spunky–or looking for secret messages–and there is sure to be something to excite your adventurous tastebuds.

Menu complete with 3D glasses!

They even include vegetarian options for everything and vegan for most items. One pizza I could not recommend highly enough is a twist on  a midwest classic including wild rice and bison (don’t worry, there are delicious veggie alternatives!).

Alright pals, you know what to do. Catch the next flight to Minnesota and hit up Galactic Pizza in Uptown Minneapolis.

What are your go-to pizza places? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. You’ll need to check out Balistreri’s out in Milwaukee for some of the best pizza in the world! Trust me, you’ll enjoy it!

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