Spring Break 2016

The first part of any great voyage is the voyage itself. In this case, our adventure to Georgia began with a 15 hour car ride that took place largely overnight. Because one of our friends couldn’t come along, we have a cat card that we are using as a stand in, and we took beautiful photos with Mr. Cat.

 Mr. Cat goes to the Mexican restaurant.

¬†Although it was a relatively uneventful journey, we did make a stop in the beautiful Mammoth Caves of Kentucky. We saw only a small portions of the world’s largest underground caves, the entirety of which has not been explored or discovered yet. It’s difficult not to feel insignificant and awestruck when standing in a place so naturally dark and quiet. One of the park rangers, who does research projects in the caves, told us stories of corpses that lie in the cave, people who have gone insane from the solitude, and the discoveries and history of the cave. To think that anyone who walks through that cave becomes a part of its history is simply astounding.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Spring Break 2016!