Paris Nightmare Part 2

I’m sure you’re dying to hear the other part of my story, so here you go! 

After a wonderful day spent roaming the louvre and wandering Montmartre, it was time to head back to Caen. We had ended our time in the center of Montmartre at a small restaurant overlooking the square of artists. We checked the time as we finished our crepes and found that we had an hour until our bus left. Our naive selves thought this was plenty of time. We paid quickly and left the building. We realized that we had no idea where the nearest metro stop was and it turned into quite an endeavor filled with many stairs and many cars nearly crashing into us before we finally made it. We found our metro and to our dismay it was clear that this was going to be a long ride. However we didn’t start worrying until we realized that our bus left five minutes sooner than we originally thought. Frantically we looked back and forth between the metro stops and the time. It wasn’t long before we knew we weren’t going to make it. After what felt like the longest metro ride of my life, we got off with only ten minutes until our bus left. And we had no idea where the bus station was located inside the bustling metro station. We ran up and down to different floors and across the building a couple times – I realized that I needed to work out more – before we finally made it to the correct bus stop with a minute before the bus departed. There was no bus. About three minutes later, a bus pulled up next to us…as it turned out, the bus was late, not us! Finally we were able to settle in, hearts still racing, and go home to Caen. 

But the story doesn’t end there. When we returned we had to wait for about 15 minutes for the next tram. So we waited. And by the time the next one came, one of my travel pals felt too uncomfortable about getting on this bus and wanted to wait for the next one-in forty minutes. So we went to a kebab place and got some french fries as we waited. Eventually it was time to go back out, but when we got to the stop, a few guys started harassing us. I spoke german to get them to leave and eventually we just walked back anyway. So, at long last, we all made it home safely. 
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