Ode to Poutine

Hello, my name is Leah, and I truly believe the presence of poutine has changed my life for the better.

My first poutine experience was after a long, long day. I had barely eaten anything, I’d been walking around Montreal with a friend unsuccessfully trying to meet up with a few more people. We were tired, cold, and hungry. Oh yeah, did I mention it was also raining?

After getting off the metro, we trudged through the rain for half an hour. Little did we know, there was a metro stop just a few blocks from our light at the end of the cold and rainy tunnel: Poutineville. The spectacular waiter at Poutineville even accommodated to our varying levels of French. (Disclaimer: Montréal is very much bilingual, but because we’re all there for a French immersion class, we try our best to speak French.) And after a short wait, we were all feeling much better with plates heaping with customized poutine placed before us. It actually tasted like heaven in my mouth. The vegetarian gravy softened the potato pieces to perfection, and the cheese, mushrooms, and onions complemented each other perfectly.

My second poutine experience was equally incredible. At a diner, with a wonderful waiter named Gerard, I ate this beautiful plate of poutine. Thank you, Montréal!

La Banquise is arguable the most famous/popular poutine-palace Montréal has to offer. It was, without a doubt, delicious. I tried one called “La Véganomane.” While others complained of their cheese curds not melting, my vegan cheese melted and spread over the potatoes. Overall, I would say that the poutine from Poutine Ville was better as far as the taste, but for a vegan review, La Banquise was the bomb!