New Christmas Eve Tradition

Book lovers unite!

I’ve seen this picture floating around the internet for a while, and, after having verified the accuracy, I am ready to adopt it! The simple concept is lovely. On Christmas Eve, each family member receives a new book, and then they get to curl up and read. It is a quiet and reflective time for the family to be together while keeping occupied with their books. As an avid reader, I love having any excuse to get new books for myself or the people around me.

With my book this year, I will be starting a monthly book club! I cannot wait for you to join me! The Moving and Manifesting book club will start in January-to be announced the first week of Janurary-and be discussed in the group at the end of the month. I am so looking forward to reading with all of you!

Fun facts about Iceland:

  • The first Parliament in Europe was in Iceland!
  • Icelandic is a very well preserved language. This means that texts in ancient Norse can still be read with ease.
  • Iceland rests on two tectonic plates–Click here to read more Icelandic experiences!

Although we will not be traveling this Chrismas it will be lovely to have celebrate the traditions of far away and be taken far away by the books in our hands. For my family, we will each be receiving a new book on Christmas Eve, just like in Iceland! My mother and I love to read so this will be exciting for us! I think the others could take it or leave it, but I know they will love being able to celebrate a new tradition.

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