My Top Gift Ideas for Travelers

Hey everyone! With the holidays just around the corner, I’m going to give you my list of top five gifts for that extra special traveler in your life! Here are some helpful hints for my family, friends, and for anyone who needs ideas for that hard-to-shop-for traveler. This list is definitely not complete and applicable for everyone, so if there’s something you think should be added, please feel free to ask or comment in the comment section below!

1. Anything with a Map

  In addition to meeting my urban hippie needs, my friends and family think of me when they see anything that has a map on it. I have countless precious gems with maps on them: journals, sentimental keychains, necklaces, and even a scratch-off wall map (as pictured)! It’s a very safe and fun bet for any wanderer on the shopping list.

2. Packing Gear

Clearly this is very dependent on personal preference, but there are many types of packing supplies that make great gifts! Suitcases and backpacks are wonderful (thanks, mom!), but you don’t even need to think that big. Packing cubes and other space organizers are perfect. Other options include bags and cases for toiletries and cosmetics. There are also adorable pouches for bras, lingerie, and, specifically, wet swim-suits.

3. Extras


Here’s the thing, I know this one is vague, but it has to be. For me, I was ecstatic to get a travel towel, which you can purchase here, and my selfie-stick for Christmas. Don’t judge, you know you secretly want one. Or for the eco-conscious, health-conscious woman, a diva cup is a wonderful choice. My diva cup was a stocking stuffer. Santa is pretty clever sometimes, eh? You can snatch all of this from (although really what can’t you find on amazon, am I right?) That being said, some other categories could include electronics (or chargers for equipment, different camera lenses, etc), stationary, passport covers and wallets, etc. Finally, pictures. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like looking at old pictures and feeling a grin spread across their face as they are transported back to the joy of that moment.

4. Beauty Products

This is one that you definitely need to know the person a little better for. However, this is a great one because you can find solid products or liquids under three ounces to comply with the TSA guidelines. For many travel friendly, eco-friendly, and health-friendly, you can head on over to the Lush website for one very simple option. There are many alternatives that are just as good as Lush though! If you prefer handmade gifts or crafting, Pinterest is a great resource! You can find recipes to make just about anything cost-effectively and safely! As long as you have essential oils (I buy mine from Mountain Rose Organics) you can even customize the scent of any cosmetic you make. For my reviews of beauty products and recipes for beauty products you can go to the Beauty or Reviews sections of my blog!

5. Trips


So you racked up some frequent flyer miles that you don’t know what to do with? Have a coupon for an even better Groupon deal than usual? I’m sure you can think of that someone who would could use that flight or perhaps that hotel or restaurant discount/voucher. There are also ways to buy entire trips for someone. Either you can purchase tours or something along those lines via somewhere like, or you can purchase the vacation package: flight and hotel or a cruise. This is sure to make anyone’s day!

Do you have other ideas? Share in the comments below!