Motivation Monday: International Day of Peace

Friends, here is my belated motivation Monday and International Day of Peace post.

Here is what I will tell you: peace is possible. Here’s the real secret though, it’s not the ultimate overnight world peace everyone dreams of. And how could it be? What an unfair request. We are all flawed and not one of us is capable of that epitome of peace. That said, everyone has room for improvement and the best part is that peace starts within yourself. You don’t need to be a social justice activist/advocate to help the effort for peace. The trick is to start. Like everything in life, your workout, your dream trip, ¬†your dream job, the hardest part is starting out and keeping it manageable. You don’t need to do everything; all you have to do is try. Giving someone (even yourself) a compliment is a great start! By seeking out opportunities to spread kindness, you begin to see the kindness of others shown around you. Give each other a chance, give peace a chance. We can all be part of the positive change in the world.