Motivation Monday 8/17/15

This motivation Monday also features a glimpse at the French camp at which I just finished my summer adventures. Each night in our cabins, we would form a circle and each person would say their good thing (and an optional bad thing, if necessary). It was a nice time for everyone to share their thoughts freely.

At a recent staff meeting, the food for thought/call to action was to be someone’s good thing for the day and always. Passion, compassion, kindness, and enthusiasm are qualities that attract others to do the same, especially with lots of enthusiasm! A smile could be the thing that makes someone’s day just a bit brighter.

Especially after that staff meeting, I was thrilled when my girls would say that I was their good thing for the class I taught, activity I lead, or just because I danced with them when a good song came on. These seemingly small moments in our lives had an impact on their hearts, and I am so grateful for those opportunities.

My parting words on the Motivation Monday and every day are the same that were said to me: be someone’s good thing today!