Motivation Monday: 3/14/16

First Motivation Monday of March, and, as usual, I love to talk about love.

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When most people think about who they love the most, they’ll answer “my mom” or “my boyfriend.” Romantic love seems to be the most sought after love, but love comes in so many forms. You find different love in different people.

For my family’s undying love and support for all of my shenanigans, I will forever be in debt. From the times I make bad decisions, to the times I flee the country with a weeks notice (and still with a, “have fun, be safe, call me if your bank account runs a little low,” from my mother on the way to the airport), to when I threaten to drop out of college (and my dad still calls me and says, “Leah, I’m so proud of you), my parents support me. My brother, sister, and I adore each other.

Some people aren’t this lucky, but we can all find family in the people closest to us.

Your soul mate is not just a person you’re dating or maybe you’re married to. My soul mate is my best friend, I already found her, and I am so grateful. Some people find their soul mate in their sister or their roommate or their neighbor or their significant other. Whoever you find yours in, is wonderful.

Love comes from the guy checking you out at the grocery store, the professor who took pity on you when you overslept or wrote your letter of recommendation, or the barista at Starbucks. Love comes from the person holding you in the evening and texting you to make sure you got home safely that night. Love comes from your hobbies and interests and your dog. Love comes from God.  Love comes from you.

xoxo Leah