Motivation Monday: 10/12/15

Along with almost everyone else I talk to, I love music. You know how when you meet new people and you’re trying to come up with a new subject of conversation after “So what do you do?” and somehow the conversation always turns to music? Yeah? Well, I actually hate that conversation. The reason is because even though I love music, I don’t like just one type,, or one artist or one genre. No, this is not a bad thing in and of itself. The problem is that people take music incredibly seriously. Many people feel very strongly about the music they listen to and are quick to judge other genres (country, anyone?)

I will be the first to admit that sometimes I haven’t heard that song on the radio, sometimes I listen to a lot of angsty 90’s music, and sometimes I “interpretive dance” with my friends to early 2000’s music because why not? I love country music while laying out on a pontoon and rap music with a great beat when I’m riding along in my friend’s car and obscure indie music just because I didn’t want to shower in silence. I’m here to stand up for everyone and their musical preferences! (Did someone say musicals? Because I’m defying gravity all day every day.)

So listen away, my passionate friends,