Monday-Mon day

This is a letter to you, wherever you are, to tell you that this is your day. Like the photo says, it’s a promising start to the week. The hope, reminder, and subtle challenge to make it a great day and week for yourself. Give this gift to yourself because you deserve it.

The holidays are over and the new year isn’t so new anymore. Classes and work are starting and so is the opportunity to slip into a dull, agonizingly unchanging routine. And for some, this is a great and welcomed occurrence. After the rush of the holiday dazzle (for better or worse) it is warm and safe to fall into the safety net of sameness. Even to those who find this comforting, I encourage you to remember that you are not here to live and work and die. You are here for so much more.

Take this Monday as an opportunity to be the person you truly want to be. The person the voice in the back of your head keeps telling you about. Take charge of your life and be the best you you can be!