Leah’s AirBNB Experience-Nashville

While I’ve read a few negative AirBNB experiences, my first one was only positive. On our way home from Georgia, we had already decided we wanted to stop in Nashville, but as struggling college students, we most definitely did not have money for a hotel. So we took to the trusty internet to explore the vast world of AirBNB.

Obviously there were some beautiful, but not so affordable homes. For those of you unfamiliar with AirBNB, it is a website where members are able to list their homes (apartments, houses single rooms, castles, treehouses, etc) and you can browse all of the places available to stay in the area you are looking at. You can also filter by rating and price. It is a relatively safe system, naturally with a lot of faith in your fellow humans.

After deciding to take the leap and do it, Katie and I began our search and found a beautiful home about half an hour outside of Nashville. We promptly contacted the hosts are were greeted warmly by Emily and felt her openness even through text and later inviting us into their home (her and her husband). She was very excited to meet us and automatically put our fears at ease.

We arrived earlier than expected the next day, but nonetheless she let us in. We already felt at home with conjoined bedrooms, a private bathroom, and some snacks let on the table for us. They were very kind and accommodating hosts during our short stay and we felt so safe in their beautiful home (even watching anime in their living room on their giant fluffy couch.) And they gave us directions to the nearest Waffle House without judging us too much. Essentially my first AirBNB experience has set the bar high for any following experiences.

How have your AirBNB experiences been?