How to Navigate Family During the Holidays

Handling your family during the holiday season is comparable to Harry Potter on the Knight Bus. It starts and everything looks normal. You have a decently charming conversation with your Grandma as you tag along after your mother. Then the bus picks up speed exponentially, and you sit down at dinner. From there things are shaking violently, the bus is flailing around the street and is nearly crushed between two cars as someone starts asking you if you have a significant other or if you changed your major to something useful yet. And so it begins.

Remember that they love you.

They are not just intentionally making hurtful comments, telling you to eat less, asking about your nonexistent love life, comparing you to your sibling to simply be rude. For the most part, they are just curious and want the best for you, but don’t know how to show this appropriately.

Remember that they are probably just misinformed.

Every cringe worthy statement made by your relatives is most likely not a dig at you. It may upset you, but this could be your opportunity to explain other perspectives to them. Sometimes, people get stuck in their bubbles or in the circles, and don’t have that breath of new air that you could provide to them. Rock that knowledge!

Remember it is not *always* your job to inform them.

Sometimes, you have to know which hills are worth dying on, and which to leave alone for the sake of everyone. If you know that you great uncle Bill is going to make a racist comment if a certain subject comes up, avoid and ignore and forgive and forget. Getting into arguments rather than enjoying the precious time with your family is not worth any of the heartache or headache.

If all that fails, there’s always food (perhaps wine?) to hide in a locked bedroom with. Good luck and have a fun and safe Thanksgiving!