How Leah Got to be a Language Lover


As you probably guessed if you’ve found this page, I also have a special fondness for languages! My father is fluent in German and exposed me to his true favorite language from birth. (I think being German is actually his favorite hobby.) When I started high school, I found the love of my life: French. At the same time, I also started German officially and realized my passion for languages. A couple years later, I thought to myself, “why not start Spanish?” Only later did I find out that my father wanted me to start with Spanish and not French! And thus began my Spanish career and my crazy fun journey of learning three (and counting) languages.

When I started college, I began in French and Spanish. I have been very fortunate as I have had the extreme pleasure of incorporating my languages into my travels. Most recently, I spent time this summer in Montréal in a French immersion class. Immersion is the most effective way of learning a language and it was an amazing opportunity that improved my French skills tremendously, and an experience I would recommend to anyone. After this, I worked at a French immersion camp where I was able to see in others, and myself, the benefits of immersion.

I have now gotten back into German after a short break and am loving almost every minute of it! I am always looking to improve my language skills and broaden my language horizons, so this is just the beginning!

If you have any questions about language learning, please do not hesitate to email me!