Holidazzle and a Holly Jolly Christmas 

Coming home from college a few days ago finally got me into the Christmas spirit. The end of finals and school stress has allowed me to let go and start baking to my heart’s content. This fine Christmas weekend has gotten me in the best mood and I want to share that with all of you and most importantly: give you the scoop for Holidazzle, an annual festival in Minneapolis. 

Christmas at college-so cute!

Anyone who knows me at all knows I love treats. I also love baking. Pretty sweet combination! So, of course, I started my baking Thursday (Christmas Eve Eve) with some yummy Oreo truffles! The baking didn’t continue until Friday morning with lots of cookies, cupcakes, and other treats! Eventually I moved on to decorating the tree and putting the finishing touches on the gifts. Oof. Sometimes being the only festive one in the house is a lot of work! So now on the the real fun…


First a few things to know:

  • It’s free! Unless you want to buy food or products, live events such as fireworks, meeting Santa, live music, and outdoor films are all free!
  • It’s cold. Look, it’s Minnesota and it’s outside, we know it’s cold. Just bundle up, okay?
  • This is for people of all religious beliefs! While it does run up until Christmas most years and have many Christmas connections (like Santa), Holidazzle is for anyone who loves being surrounded by cheer.

    So we were definitely a little nervous about the incoming blizzard. Thanks a lot, Midwest weather. But thankfully, the universe was on our side and the roads were just fine and dandy (oh yeah, and free parking in the parking garage)! My sister and I jammed to Christmas carols and 80’s pop while our brother sang alone in the backseat. It was a beautiful sibling moment!

    You can even make the wolf howl!

    We awkwardly walked down the street and subtly stalked a family wearing Santa hats because they looked like they knew where they were going. We were right, so it wasn’t weird. Holidazzle lived up to its name and we were dazzled by the lights as we walked in an saw many large interactive sculptures and cutout images to take pictures in. 

    We had lots of photo-ops: pictures with and without Santa, in the trees, and more! 

    All I want for Christmas is someone to pay my student loans…

    Among the many activities, there were stalls with representation of many local businesses selling dog treats, Love Your Melon hats, and even a stall from My Sister Lives Free (and organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking). We had a great time showing Minnesota some love supporting business and helping out the community. 

    Check out My Sister for more great gear!

    Finally, within 10 minutes I had the most exciting time. We heard a proposal (she said yes)! At the end of this ten minute window, we saw the fireworks over the water. They were absolutely lovely, and worth standing out in the cold for! Finally, the most uncomfortable moment: I definitely walked in on someone in a port a potty who didn’t lock the door. I’m so sorry. 

    Overall, a wonderful evening spent with my siblings and one I would recommend to everyone! 

    Have you been to Holidazzle? Tell me what you thought in the comments below!


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