Remember when YOLO was kind of a thing? Yeah, I actually still say it just to be ironic. Or am I serious? Who knows… Either way, I love spontaneity. I surround myself with people of all kinds, but the ones I click with the most are the ones who are up to doing anything at any time. Even that thing is ordering a pizza at 2:30am because we forgot to eat or ordering a unicorn corkscrew because it’s fun. (Yes, both of those things have happened.)

As an advocate of shenanigans, adventures and everything in between, I am here to bring you a list of ideas to further your hooligan activities.

  1. Get a piercing
  2. Get a tattoo
  3. Do something crazy to your hairĀ 
  4. Go on a road trip
  5. If you can afford it, even if you can’t, TRAVEL.
  6. Go out to eat at obscure hours of the day.
  7. Dance with your friends, in public.
  8. Talk about your feelings. I know it’s hard, but it’s worth it with the right people.
  9. Read as much as you can, as often as you can. This is a responsible YOLO, just saying.
  10. Swim swim swim. Swim where you’re allowed, maybe where you’re not allowed. With clothes, without clothes, I don’t care, just keep swimming!

Obviously this is not the be all end all of crazy activities, but hopefully some have sparked your beautiful creative mind. What do you do when you need to go a little wild?