Glam Doll Donuts

When I first saw Glam Doll Donuts’ Instagram account, I turned to my best friend and asked, “So what time are we leaving?”

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up going until almost a year later, but I can assure you it was worth the wait. After getting our fancy-grown-up hair cuts, we strutted in (looking glam of course) and were immediately overwhelmed. Even after reviewing the entire menu online, we were still not prepared for everything they had to offer. Just when I thought I had seen everything, I saw the case of vegan donuts as well!

The peppy pink that covered the walls, and pretty much everything else, gave the entire establishment a very fun vibe. From the excellent service, to the clever names of the donuts, it was a great experience! Let’s talk about the important stuff: the donuts were incredible. The regular donuts were delicious. They were light, fluffy, and they were sugary and flavorful without being too sweet.

The same is true of the vegan donuts. I have tried many a vegan treat in my day, but this takes the cake. Er, donut. I was pleasantly surprised with how close to “normal” donuts these tasted. With that, I would recommend that everyone grab a friend and find some donuts.

Where are your favorite donuts?