Give Your New Year’s Diet Reconsideration

Well, Christmas has come and gone and now is that dangerous time of year where everyone starts remembering the diet they started 363 days ago. Not to mention, the guilt of the Christmas calories that didn’t count while you were eating them. I’m going to tell you two things: yes those calories count, but wasn’t it delicious? Eat what your body tells you to eat! Some days that means eating too much. Other days that means you don’t eat enough or you forget to drink enough water. One day you skip the cupcake and other days you eat three cookies.

It is all okay. Listen to your body, and eat because it’s telling you to. Your body is talking to you, it knows exactly what it needs.

This New Year’s, as you start to think of your resolution, try to use positive words in talking about your body. Don’t shame yourself for eating too much or not enough healthy foods. Shower your body with love by way of good thoughts and good food. Cheers to the New Year, 2016!