It’s activist time!

Although shark week has come and gone for a while, the beauty and wonder of sharks is still ever-present. Unfortunately, these mysterious creatures are still not treated with the respect they deserve. As we hear so frequently, each being makes an important contribution to the environment. Each year, 10,000,000 sharks are killed, in fact, over 8,000 sharks are killed each hour by humans via shark finning.

Sharks face numerous problems, especially regarding shark finning. Shark population has decreased by over 90%. Sharks do not reach full maturation with the capability to reproduce for up to ten years. For this reason, the shark population cannot reproduce at the same rate as hunting is occurring. Sharks are captured and killed for their fins to use in shark fin soup. They are then disposed of and most of the shark is left unused.

This enormous waste will be detrimental if no change occurs. Click here for a beautiful explanation of the importance of sharks in our ecosystem.

There are many ways that you can be part of the solution! Remember that the goal is never to target any person or community, but rather, to be a part of the solution, and encourage awareness and open dialogue about the issue. By this means, we can move forward to make the world a fin friendly place. To find out how to take action in your life, click here to take the pledge to go Fin Free!

All statistics have been taken from, for more information about the petition, pledge, ways to get involved, and information about the movement as a whole, check out their website!