ESL Teaching Certification with ITTT

Because I value language and appreciate any enthusiasm for learning, I decided to take the preliminary steps to teach English as a second language. With an abundance of options for schools and organizations, I turned to the Internet and the Internet told me to go to ITTT.

I started it around Christmas time when they were offering a discounted price of $350 (USD) for the 120 hour general course with 24 hour tutor access and one additional course of my choice. Basically you read the assigned pages, fill out practice pages for “homework,” and take the test on that unit. There are 20 units total plus a lesson plan to submit. The website says you can finish in as little as 10 days, but I would really not recommend that unless it’s really necessary. The information is very interesting and easy to follow, but I still would space it out and study the material to have a better understanding of it. I finished my course in about 3 1/2 months. It is completely doable to finish it much sooner and still gain the same understanding of the material. The tutors are also more than happy to explain anything you may need clarified.

Because I currently have other plans, I won’t be able to use this certification for a while. The website claims to have good support for finding employment, but I have yet to try it. Overall, if you are not planning on teaching in an environment with very strict requirements for their teachers (or if this fulfills the requirements for where you will be teaching), I would recommend this course. Additionally, if you were simply interested in getting a better understand of the English language (with a possibility of teaching) this could be a very good option!

Have you done any certification programs or taught English as a second language?