Give the Gift of Donation 2017

Well, it’s December again, and I know that most of us are thinking about gifts for family, friends, and coworkers. You’re thinking of the perfect gifts for everyone except those few people that are simply impossible to shop for. On top of that, you might not need much for Christmas this year, and everyone is asking you what you would like.  This year, consider a charitable donation instead of material gifts.


  • Easy gift idea for those hard-to-shop-for friends.
  • Avoid focus on consumerism.
  • Avoid excess waste this season-specifically wrapping paper.
  • Save shopping time.
  • Help others!



So, let’s get started!

1.Doctors Without Borders.

Doctors without Borders is an excellent charity that helps send these trained professionals into impoverished areas or places in need of aid or relief, to provide high class medical care to those in need. I personally love this one because these are skills that I absolutely do not have and would have no way of contributing myself. Medical care is something we often take for granted, and this could be a great gift this season.


2. World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund is an organization focused on helping endangered and exotic animals. This has truly been one of my favorite gifts over the years to give and receive. My friend was ecstatic that we had symbolically adopted his favorite animal, a sloth, in his name. And, I was also overjoyed when my grandmother adopted a sea turtle in my name just before I left on a sea turtle saving trip to Costa Rica.

3. IJM-International Justice Mission

IJM is an organization dear to my heart. It is centered on bringing justice around the world by focusing on eliminating modern day slavery of all kinds. I have participated in their club on my college campus and traveled to Washington D.C. to join in the Global Prayer Gathering. Overall, I am a huge advocate for this organization and our shared passion for justice.

4. World Vision

World Vision is a nonprofit organization that helps with various needs around the world. You can browse their website for opportunities to donate for a wide variety of needs including education, wells, and even animals.


5. Organizations focused on specific needs:

Because my brother has autism, that is clearly a very important part of my life. In my family, Autism Speaks would be a good option for us. However, if you care deeply about a certain issue like mental health, suicde prevention, cancer, or diabetes, there are plenty of options for the cause of your choice. This, of course, doesn’t need to be health focused. You can always choose to help the oceans the rainforest or any cause that touches your heart!



Because who doesn’t cry at those commercials with the sad dogs and cats. As a recent cat mom, I am so for this one. There is an over population of these incredible animals if we can’t afford to adopt them, we might be able to afford to help them until they find their new homes. I love my adopted pets and this organization makes my heart smile that these creatures can help be kept safe until they find their forever homes.


7. Local Organizations

Maybe you’d rather stay close to home–that’s great! Look into local organizations that have causes you or the recipient care about. (Just be sure to do your research to ensure that your money is well spent!)


Where will you be donating this holiday season? For a more complete list of top rated charities, click here.