Café des Chats: Montréal

The craze that swept Asia has finally hit the western hemisphere: cat cafes. As a dog person, I’ll admit I was skeptical. As an animal person, I was overjoyed. Café des Chats is a beautiful location with a beautiful concept. The have many cats romping about the café, interacting with their human counterparts. The cafe has a partnership with a local animal shelter from which they adopted the eight cats that live at the cafe. They are all up to date on vaccinations, have regular vet visits, and more, just like beloved pets. There is also a separate room for rest and for litter, so the cats have all the privacy and options for socialization.

As a customer, you can also enjoy cafe sweets (including vegan options from local vegan bakery, Sophie Sucrée) while enjoying the company of frolicking felines. They also have food (vegetarian and otherwise) as well as standard cafe drinks. The adorable menu indicates the rules for interacting with the cats (in English and in French) and the peaceful sleeping cats are the perfect way to get your animal-fix in a safe and loving way for all involved. For full info, head over to

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