Bucket List 30 by 30

My 20th birthday is fast approaching and in preparation I am creating a list of 30 activities I’d like to try, places I want to go, skills I want to acquire, by the time I am 30. I am a HUGE fan of my birthday, and I want to share my joy with everyone (don’t worry, I like everyone else’s birthdays too). I’ve got big dreams listed here and other smaller things for my own entertainment. Hopefully it’ll give you some inspiration for your own life!

  1.  See all 50 states
  2.  Be fluent in French
  3.  Be fluent in Spanish
  4.  Be fluent in German
  5.  See all seven continents
  6.  Go WOOFing
  7.  Be proficient in Italian
  8.  Take a cooking class in Italy
  9.  Be proficient in Russian
  10.  Go Island hopping in Greece
  11.  Learn to say thank you in 50 languages
  12.  Visit family in Denmark
  13.  Get my college degree
  14.  Learn Reiki
  15.  Get my yoga teaching certification
  16.  Learn massage therapy
  17.  See the seven wonders of the world
  18.  Own some kind of property
  19.  Learn to play the ukulele
  20. Teach English in Japan
  21. Go to the color festival in India
  22. Teach English in France
  23. Get my yoga instructor certification
  24. Get scuba certified
  25. See the Northern Lights
  26. See a play on Broadway
  27. Go paddle boarding
  28. Participate in a color run
  29. Go to the Holi festival in India
  30. Ride in a helicopter

There you have it! My 30 by 30 bucket list! What do you like and what’s on your bucket list?