Blue Lagoon, Iceland

I woke up yesterday morning thinking about Iceland. Clearly the seven hours I spent there over four years ago really left their mark on me. For a seven hour layover in Reykjavik after a three week trip to Switzerland and France, rather than going on a tour of the picturesque city, we had decided long before our journey began that we would be taking a restful recuperation time at another hot destination, the Blue Lagoon.

This natural geothermal sea water pool has an interesting history. According to the website, “it was formed during the operation of a nearby geothermal power plant.” And then people started bathing in it. (Because who would bathe in a pool formed by a power plant??) They noticed their skin in better condition after placing the mud on their skin and the rest of the world was sold.

They also have a spa attached to the pool itself that looks fabulous. Containers in the pool filled with the mud allow guests to apply it and feel the benefits for themselves. If you weren’t sold already, I will give my personal testimony and say that is was a fantastic experience and the perfect way to unwind after a long trip and prepare for the last leg of my flight.

Why do I wake up thinking about Iceland? Who knows, but I think it’s a sign that I need to go back and explore.




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