3 Delicious Additions to Avocado Toast

Yes. Avocado toast is one of the most magical creations to ever grace the earth. However, sometimes you need to get a little crazy with your food. In this case, straying from the classic is equally delicious and you will not be disappointed!

  1. Toast
  2. Mashed avocado spread over toast
  3. Here’s the crazy part!
    1. Chia seeds: a natural energy booster, and very good for you! Spriinkle that on top of your average avocado toast.
    2. Hemp seeds: also very good for you and easy to sprinkle over your toast.
    3. Hummus: just a dab of that gooey goodness on top of your avocado will add an incredible flavor to an otherwise relatively bland snack.

So there you have it! New ways to spice up your avocado toast, enjoy!

Have other variations? Tell me in the comments!